Chris’s Chronicle July 2021

Posted on the 27th Jun 2021 at 10:10 by Chris Valentine Chris's Chronicle

Well, it’s been sometime since I’ve penned a chronicle, for one reason and another but it seemed wit the return to face to face scouting and the anticipation of “freedom day” when ever that may be that it might be time to return to boring you all with some of my thoughts.

Moving forward I will post my chronicle more as a blog on the website so it will pull through into the new digital Sharpend the digital team have been building up in the background that will come out to you via email on regular basis (I won’t say how regular as I don’t know what we’ve agreed). So please make sure you’re sharing your stories and goo news from around the district and we can complete them all into our new E-Sharpend.

So, what have we been up to I hear you all cry, as you all bravely head back to face-to-face scouting? Well, we have been reading risk assessments lots and lots of risk assessments. As much as I joke it’s an important part of our safe return. We have also been trying to bring some of our plans back on track that COVID has sent slightly of track.

District HQ

We have been doing lots of work up there to make it more user friendly, this has included new flooring, reconfiguring some of the rooms and installing a container to move the camp stores out of the building to return the rooms back into a usable space after accruing more and more equipment. We have also applied for a few grants to help us along the way, this will allow us to complete phase one of the refurb which will include making the building as accessible as possible and updating some infrastructure to connect us to the 21st century. While this work progresses, we are going to get quotes for phase two which will include the outside and the installation of the activities we have planned. Once we know exactly how this looks, we will release the plans let you all see the plans and timelines.

District Camp

We are in the early stages of exploring holding a whole district camp next year as a big bang to return to face-to-face scouting and activities, we will be looking for some representation from the groups to help us plan. Our initial plans are going before the exec in the next couple of weeks so we will update you soon.

Adult Awards

You may have seen on our socials we have received a backlog of awards from HQ that have been waiting while the awards team were furloughed, myself and the district team will be getting out and about to see you all with them so watch this space. While we are talking awards, it would be great to see more nominations for the adult awards, as recognition for all the amazing work going on across the district. Check out the criteria’s here

Don’t forget that as a DC I am able to award Commissioners Commendations, these can be used outside the HQ awards scheme to recognise Leaders, Helpers and Non-Members for their contributions to scouting or for a specific reason. If you would like me to consider awards a Commissioners Commendation, please drop me a line.

Youth Awards

We are planning to introduce two new young peoples awards into the district, the Presidents Award and the Olive Harrison Award, the criteria for these awards are just being finalised and we will share these with you all before the summer so nominations can be submitted ready for our usual youth awards celebration in November.

As usual if you need anything let me know. See you all as I get around the district now we can.