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Executive Committee

Trustees are the decision makers, direction setters and arrangers of the Scouts locally.

They are a dedicated bunch of volunteers known as the Executive Committee and every Scout Group and District has one.

The Executive Committee in Scouts is like a board of governors in a school. Basically it makes sure that the young people get the best possible experience in the local area.

The volunteers that make up the committee give their time to ensure that the Group or District continues to meet its charitable purpose: safely and legally.

They make sure that there’s enough money for the volunteers to deliver the programme and that equipment like tents and activity materials are available and safe to use.

Executive Committee

Frank Grayson
District Chair of Trustees

The Chair leads the Executive Committee, ensuring that it fulfils its responsibilities within the District. The Chair works closely with the District Commissioner to achieve the purpose of The Scout Association through the development of local Scouting, in accordance with the Policy, Organisation and Rules of The Scout Association.

Mike Mills
District Secretary

The Secretary supports the Chair of the Executive Committee and District Commissioner to ensure the smooth functioning and sound administration of the District in accordance with the Policy, Organisation and Rules of The Scout Association.

John Beech
District Treasurer

The Treasurer provides sound financial administration, support and information to the Executive Committee and District in accordance with the Policy, Organisation and Rules of The Scout Association.

Ken Roughley
District Appointments Panel Secretary

The Appointments Secretary is responsible for three keys things: Administering in a timely manner the appointment process within the District This will include recording adult applications, sending for references, arranging approval meetings, ensuring relevant checks are processed, reviewing the progress of applications and passing on certificates of appointment for local presentation. Creating and maintaining records of all appointments within the District. This includes recording changes made to appointments and the cancellation of appointments. Administering the review process in the District. This will include informing both the appointment holder and the person undertaking their review when a review is nearly due, issuing the relevant forms to be completed and checking that the forms are returned in the required timescales.

Mike Harrison
District President

This role is honorary. The role includes the promotion of the wellbeing of Scouting in the wider community by assisting to develop relationships between Scouting and other institutions and associations as appropriate. Activities include ‘ceremonial’ duties such as presenting awards, hosting receptions, proposing toasts or attending events as an official representative of Scouting.

Elected & Nominated Trustees:

  • Kathleen Savery
  • Christine Williams
  • Annette Peers
  • Lesley Rowe
  • Diane Roberts
  • Karen Ackers
  • Julie Houlton
  • David Singleton
  • Jennifer Tickle
  • Vincent Roberts
  • Craig McKee
  • Helen Archibald
  • Glen Melling
  • Edith Bache
Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls