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Scout Network

Scout Network is the last of the five youth sections, after Explorer Scouts, allowing 18-25 year olds to take part in events and projects with their local and national Scout Networks across three programme areas:

  • Community
  • International
  • Adventure

In St. Helens Scout Network is currently led by the District Commissioner (DC), Chris Valentine (contact details).  If you are interested in becoming the District Scout Network Commissioners (DSNC), please contact the DC for information about the role.

Members of the UK Scout Association are automatically members of the Scout Network between their 18th and 25th birthdays.

Visit the UK Scout Network website to help create, organise and participate events and projects with other member of the Scout Network across the UK.  You can also find out more information and resources on Scout Network from the Scout Association website.

A table of all section meeting times is available.

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