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Nights Away

What are Nights Away?

‘Nights Away’ is the term used in Scouting for any residential experiences undertaken either indoor out outdoors at any venue and count towards the Nights Away Staged Activity Badge.  Nights Away must be led by or be run under the supervision of an adult with an appropriate Nights Away Permit. Nights Away Permits holders are also able to issue Nights Away Passports to a suitably experienced youth member to lead their own Nights Away experience.  For more information about Nights Away Permit Scheme from the Scout Association website.

Nights Away Permit Assessments and Support

The main contact for Nights Away Permit assessments is Graeme Tickle who leads a team of District Nights Away Advisers (NAA). The advisers provide Nights Away Permit assessments and general advice to adult leaders on running residential experiences.

Assessor Indoor Lightweight Campsite Greenfield
Graeme Tickle Yes Yes Yes Yes
Brian McKee Yes Yes Yes Yes
Chris Williams Yes No No No

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