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Many activities in Scouting are run by leaders who have completed their general leadership training, providing a wide variety of activities for our youth members.  Some of the more adventurous activities Scouts undertake require additional training and accreditation to ensure volunteers are suitably skilled to deliver the activities safely.  These include some water, mountain, air and target activities.

Some activities like shooting require volunteers to hold the appropriate National Governing Body (NGB) qualification, whilst others require the issuing of an Activity Permit under the Scout Association Activity Permit Scheme.  Rules and guidance on all activities can be found at the Scout Association’s Activities webpages.

Activity Training, Assessment, Permits and Support

An Activity Permit is issued to a volunteer to record their level of capability to run adventurous activities and authorises them to do so for a maximum of 5 years before review.  Some activities require volunteers to meet minimum training requirements before applying for an Activity Permit.  This involves either completing an activity assessment or the achievement of a NGB qualification.

Activity Permit Assessors are appointed at county level and above.  However, as the Activity Permit scheme is a national scheme, if you are seeking to be assessed for a permit you can approach any assessor.  Login to Compass and search for Activity Permit Assessors.  During the assessment the permit should be tailored to meet your experience.

Merseyside County Scouts is responsible for appointing County Activity Assessors and County Activity Advisers in Merseyside.

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