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Active Support

What is Active Support?

Scout Active Support allows people aged 18+ to volunteer their time to Scouting on a flexible basis, tailoring their availability to a suitable role which offers support to Scouting.  This allows more adults to support Scouting without having to make a weekly commitment.

Active Support Units can be set up by any level of Scouting – groups, districts, counties, regions or national – in order to meet a defined need.  This could be anything from providing a catering team to support events, to providing specialist activities instruction, to providing particular types of supports to adults.

For more information about Active Support in general, visit the Scout Association Active Support webpages.

Active Support in St. Helens

St. Helens is currently developing its approach to Active Support and is considering what types of Active Supports Units to establish.  If you would like to contribute ideas to this development please the Brian McKee, the District Commissioner at:

dc at sthelenscouts dot org dot uk

The current Scout Active Support Unit organises the St. Helens District Scoutaround Gang Show and is managed by Chris Williams, the Scout Active Support Manager.  Scoutaround can be contacted at:

scoutaround at sthelensscouts dot org dot uk

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